Thursday, December 4, 2008

Childhood to now...

Having born and raised as a hindu boy in a south indian family with lots of women around in our huge family, with lots of Aunt's and Cousins and Friends and so on, watching female feet with admiration became a habit of mine, ever since my boyhood.

I was a timid shy boy who was just a part of huge group never dared to look at people's face and throw witty remarks at those biggies. So, easiest way is to look down. Yeah and there was this boring feet of theirs. I watched...I watched and I watched thousands and thousands of them, Mens, Womens, kids...and as i grew up I started seeing interesting trends and findings with relation to how a feet looks and what a man/women is upto. Huge powerful women in my family impressed me with their sumptuous dishes, sense of humor, love and compassion and their feet too. Its need less to describe the beauty of Indian female feet adored with anklets, toe-rings and nail polish. 

As all of these influenced me, I graduated from IIT Madras and took a job with a leading MNC and moved cities and met with different cultures. I watched different feet, different culture. With all these, my only interest was of women's feet. I have watched women from all over India and their feet. Each of them have their own interesting characteristics. The kind of anklet/ foot chains that they choose, to the color of the nail polish to shape of nails everything matters to me.

What started as a casual watching, Having spent 25 odd years, turned out to be my Indian female feet research making me a finest connoisseur of feet and can hardly think of leaving this world wihtout expressing all my deep feelings to women all around. After all these years of pentup feelings and watching it all from a distance, now i am thinking about sharing it with a women and actually gratify my fantasies or as whatever you may call it.

Here I write to all of you gorgeous women, If i could find one feet that is upto my expectations and (ofcourse, that female be pleasant too!!) I can worship it forever.

You could write to me or share pictures at
I can give you tips as to how to attract your man with few valuable tips. As all this happens, I appreciate/expect covertness in our relationships.

Respectable Feet

I generally have a deep respect for good looking neatly pedicured plain feet of women. This kind of feet is devoid of three crucial ingredients. 1)Mehandi 2)Anklet 3)Nail polish. Toe rings still adds scores to the respect factor, as far as you limit to one number on each feet, which is specifically worn on the Index finger and avoid all of the above three spicy ingredients. We all know why these are called spicy, i'll talk about those later. 

Coming back to our respected lady with a clear complexioned, neatly pedicured, soft feet (absolutely no callous/ cracks!!), this kind of feet says a lot about her character. These women are more responsible and hold power and respect in their circles. While they dont want to appear glamorous attract attention to their feet, they want the Women factor to be personified as a highly dignified one. These kind of feet attract me a lot, you generally find this from the age group of 28 to 60.

If i get pictures of this kind, i shall definitely post it here, while it is easy for you guys to correlate what i am talking about in your own real life. The next time, when you see a National award winning compassionate teacher and her clear complexioned feet without spice, but just a simple toering on her index finger, you'll certainly remember me and my respected category of feet.

I could still remember my first love's feet which belonged to this suave category. The sandals she wore on our first day to work, OMG she was killing me. As we got to know each other, our relationship grew and we were in love with each other, but i was afraid to confess to her about my fetishness. Never got a chance to talk about it, except once that, we were alone in a room and incidentaly she laid her feet infront of me and i couldnt reisist myself and I started to rub her feet and she seemed normal and showed the normal signs of ticklishness and nothing more!! 

A Feet lover's First post

Every one of us is fetish about something or other and we chase it to the extents we can. Fetish about money, Gods, Sarees, Cars or Power. Fetish is like a moving target. Initially its all vague and confusing. It takes years for one to find out what they actually are fetish about. Later, things can specifically be nailed down, as the each individual focusses clearly on what is turning him on. 

I have Fetish for good looking female feet. Girls, note it down,  that was not Good looking Female's feet, but Goodlooking Feet of a Female!! Doesnt matter how ugly a female is, as far as she takes good amount of efforts to keep a clean and neat feet.

In this page, I will try recording my thoughts for the benefit of people like me who have similar opinion/ thoughts about feet and myself. May be after years, one day i could laugh it all out.....